Since cloud computing was introduced, businesses large and small have come to appreciate the value and convenience of the cloud as a way to store, share, and access information without the burden of maintaining in-house servers. Cloud technology allows almost any business to store vast amounts of data offsite, lets team members collaborate while working remotely, and provides an essential backup if in-house systems fail.

Making the leap to cloud storage can be a challenge for many small to medium-sized companies, and the rigors and pitfalls of data migration can quickly overwhelm a small in-house IT department. This is where a consultant experienced in cloud services can help.


Moving large amounts of data and programs to cloud storage is a multi-part process that requires planning. A consultant’s work in this area frequently begins with the creation of a complete migration plan, so you’ll know exactly what information and services are being moved to the cloud. This is followed by a pre-migration audit, security and compliance checks, and data migration itself.

A consultant monitors and assesses each phase of the process. After data migration, a cloud consultant typically performs a post-migration analysis and often continues to monitor, manage, and audit the system to smooth out any trouble spots and to ensure peak operating efficiency.


The power and convenience of the cloud resides both in its agility and its ability to shift the burden of information storage and program sharing to an offsite server. 

Here are just a few of the areas where an experienced cloud computing consultant can help…

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud storage wouldn’t offer much of an advantage if it simply meant trading one computer infrastructure management headache for another. In planning and executing your company’s data migration, an experienced cloud consultant can handle tasks related to infrastructure components such as the servers, the network, and virtualization features such as application program and graphic interfaces.

Cloud Migration

  • A cloud consultant oversees the migration process itself - from pre-migration testing, through data extraction, transformation, loading, and post-migration performance analysis - freeing your in-house IT team to focus on other mission-critical tasks, like managing the day-t-day information needs of your company. Partnering with an experienced consultant also addresses two potential pain points - (1) trusting the migration process to workers who may lack the required skills or experience, or (2) relying on an out-of-the box solution that fails to take into account the specific needs and demands of your business.

Platform Management

  • A cloud consultant also monitors the performance and efficiency of cloud computing resources, working to maximize efficiency in multi-platform and hybrid environments.


  • And finally, today’s cloud consultants are well versed in the solutions required to keep all your company’s data secure from cybercrime—both while in storage and in transit. They monitor your system for potential threats, identify and address system vulnerabilities, and train in-house staff to spot the signs of a cyber attack.


An cloud consulting firm can help you…

  • Create a data migration plan.
  • Perform a pre-migration audit.
  • Monitor infrastructure elements (network, servers, etc.)
  • Oversee the data migration process itself.
  • Anticipate and address cybersecurity threats.
  • Troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • Free your it staff for other tasks.
  • Improve overall productivity.

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