Substantial Benefits For The Hospitality Industry: Managed IT Services

Hotels, resorts, and restaurants have turned to digitization in increasing numbers to help them connect with potential guests, manage reservations and billing, and anticipate trends within the industry. But with these new capabilities come new responsibilities - some of which could task your in-house IT team to its limits. For this reason, many hospitality destinations are turning to managed IT service providers and IT consultants.

Let’s look at just a few ways that partnering with a managed IT services provider could boost your company’s efficiency, as well as your bottom line.


One of the notable advantages of information technology is its ability to assume control of the often-repetitive routine tasks once performed by people.

An IT consultant can show you how easily these tasks can be automated, without breaking your budget.


Nights, weekends, and holidays are traditionally the times when few of us are focused on monitoring the integrity of our networks. They are also the busiest times for the hospitality industry - when any network interruption can prove chaotic and costly. A managed service provider can monitor your network day and night, year-round to spot potential problems before they become expensive headaches, or worse, angry guests.

System Integration

In the hospitality industry, reputation is everything. But if you’re depending on a patchwork of disparate technologies to meet your daily challenges, you could be setting yourself up for problems down the road. A seasoned IT consultant can evaluate your current technologies, spot potential vulnerabilities, and recommend purchases to integrate your network for optimal functionality.

A consultant can also assist in ensuring that your online customer interface and social media promotions are properly coordinated to publicize deals, book and confirm reservations, manage large events, and more.

Property IT Solutions Ensure Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is on the rise, and the hospitality industry is not immune. Guests and diners want to know that their personal information is secure when communicating with a hotel, resort, or restaurant. Data breaches can not only hurt guests - they can do irreparable damage to a destination’s reputation. A seasoned IT consultant can identify potential weaknesses in your cybersecurity protocols, suggest cost-effective purchases to boost cybersecurity, and help you develop a plan to cope with any potentially catastrophic data breach or loss.

Free Your Staff to Focus on Your Hospitality Business

Managing a busy hotel, resort, or restaurant is challenging enough without having to anticipate and troubleshoot IT problems. By partnering with an experienced consultant, you’ll get the benefits that come with a broad skill set, and best of all, you pay only for the services provided. Plus, you’ll have the advantage of being able to tap into that expertise any time, anywhere - all of which frees your in-house staff to tackle the daily responsibility of making your destination spot the best it can be.

At Iconic Technologies, we’ve helped many companies in the hospitality industry realize their potential. We have the experience and talent needed to maintain the integrity of their networks, migrate vital data to the cloud, boost connectivity between workers, and ensure that private data stay private.

Contact us today, and discover what Iconic Technologies can do for you.