Recent estimates have put the global costs of cybercrime at $600 billion annually. The methods used by cybercriminals are both sophisticated and diverse - including identity theft, email phishing scams, and malware attacks - and these attacks can result in compromised customer information, service interruptions, and data loss. To protect themselves, their data, and their customers, an increasing number of businesses have turned to cybersecurity services consultants. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why partnering with a consulting firm experienced in cybersecurity might be the right choice for your business.


Modern cybersecurity embraces a suite of services that safeguard your servers, network, and end user portals from potential attacks. Top level cybersecurity consultants can even train your in-house staff to spot the signs of a potential cyber attack.



  • Unauthorized access to your company’s most sensitive information can be costly to your business. Authentication services—also called identity and access management (IAM) services—help to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data, and that potentially malicious users are identified and blocked.


  • Your company’s sensitive information is vulnerable while in transit. Encryption services help to ensure that what’s private stays private. And with proper encryption, even if files are compromised, the information they contain remains locked and cannot be accessed.

Antivirus Protocols

  • Computer viruses and malware can compromise or destroy sensitive data, interrupt service, and result in significant downtimes and financial loss. A cybersecurity consultant can help you choose the most appropriate defensive strategy for your business and your budget.

Data Loss Prevention and Recovery

  • Catastrophic data loss due to cybercrime is among the most devastating setbacks a business can suffer. A consultant can help you implement data loss prevention protocols and can assist in the recovery and backup of lost data.

DDoS Response

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can compromise your network, interrupt service, and even crash your company’s website. Coping with this increasingly popular form of cybercrime can be challenging without the expert assistance a consultant can provide.


Cybercrime can strike your servers, your network, or end user devices. It can even crash your site and cause significant loss of revenue. Given the broad scope and diverse nature of cybercrime, why risk leaving your business unprotected?

A consultant experienced in cybersecurity can help you identify key vulnerabilities, craft a cybersecurity strategy, assist in purchasing decisions, and close access points where cybercriminals can enter and compromise your system.

If you are considering doing all these things on your own, you may want to ask yourself a few questions first. Does my in-house IT staff have the time to take on all the added responsibility of a complete cybersecurity audit? Do we have the expertise to make cost-effective choices when selecting cybersecurity products? Do we have the experience to identify and address the many types of cyberthreats we face?

For many businesses, the answer to all three is no. And that’s where an experienced cybersecurity consultant can help.


A cybersecurity consultant can help you…

  • Assess cyberthreats to your business.
  • Craft a cybersecurity plan that meets your needs and your budget.
  • Protect your servers from attack.
  • Decrease the impact of catastrophic data loss.
  • Detect and prevent email phishing scams.
  • Prevent malware and virus attacks.
  • Prevent DDoS attacks.
  • Monitor end user access.
  • Train in-house staff to spot the signs of cybercrime.

Weaknesses in information security can jeopardize your mission, threaten your profitability, and invite fines and penalties from regulatory bodies. If you aren’t completely confident in your information security posture or your ability to manage IT risk, talk with an Iconic Managing Partner.

Our cybersecurity consultants provide services and solutions that deliver continuous security assurance for business, government, and critical infrastructure.

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