Managed It Services For The Real Estate Industry

Real estate is a dynamic and competitive environment that relies heavily on an uninterrupted and secure flow of information, including sensitive buyer and seller data, financial transactions, and communication to and from multiple agents in the field. Many real estate agencies looking to improve their operating efficiency, bolster cybersecurity protocols, and boost connectivity among team members are finding value by partnering with managed services providers.

Here are just a few ways an IT consultant could help your realty business.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Network interruptions and downtime can be devastating in a time-sensitive industry like real estate. But you and your staff aren’t always available to ensure that your network is operating at peak efficiency. A managed services provider has the resources and experience to monitor your network 24/7/365, addressing minor problems on the fly and informing you of any major issues as they arise.

A network consultant can also make suggestions on ways to improve network performance through informed technology purchases.  

File Storage in the Cloud For Real Estate Firms

Before the advent of the personal computer, real estate agencies relied on vast amounts of paper for record keeping. That may seem antiquated and inefficient now, but even archiving digital files on your in-house server can leave you open to system failure or cybercrime. A seasoned IT consultant can help migrate your most sensitive data to the cloud and train your team on storage and retrieval procedures, without taking them away from their core responsibilities.


Cybercrime seems to be making the headlines with increased frequency lately. Hackers and scammers can cause significant and debilitating data breaches that could damage your company’s reputation, as well as its bottom line. A managed IT services cybersecurity consultant can help assess your network and devices, pinpoint potential vulnerabilities, and bolster your perimeter with informed and cost-effective cybersecurity technology purchases.  


By its very nature, the real estate industry demands that agents be on the go, often using their smartphones and tablets to stay connected or to transmit documents. Maintaining this connectivity (and security) among many users and devices can be daunting for an in-house IT team.

An experienced managed services consultant can evaluate your system and suggest ways to improve connectivity without sacrificing security.

Turnover and Scaling

One feature of the real estate industry is its tendency toward high employee turnover. Agents change firms frequently and a firm that’s growing quickly may need to onboard several agents at once—which can be a nightmare for a small in-house IT staff. A managed IT services consultant can assume the responsibilities of establishing email accounts, insurance info, and other documentation for the new hires.

Data Loss Prevention For Companies In Real Estate

Catastrophic data loss can strike any business at any time. A major breach or server failure could leave you and your agents in the dark—delaying transactions and affecting your bottom line. That’s why it’s essential to have a disaster plan in place before catastrophe strikes. An experienced IT consultant can help you develop a plan and implement it in the event of a data breach or loss. A consultant can also train tour team how best to access and retrieve files that are backed up in the cloud, so your agency never misses a beat.

At ICONIC Technologies, our team understands how important network efficiency, connectivity, and security are to the success of your business. Our skilled consultants are eager to share their expertise with you, whether you’re bolstering your cybersecurity protocols, migrating files to the cloud, or developing an effective data retrieval plan. Contact us today, and discover what ICONIC Technologies can do for your business.