Construction Company Managed IT Services

Traditionally, the construction industry has relied on pen and paper, committing less than 1% of its annual revenue to information technology solutions. Many smaller companies still do business without either an IT staff or consultant, creating an environment ripe with opportunity for construction contractors seeking to gain an edge over their competitors.

According to the Associated General Contractors of America hiring and business outlook for 2019, 26% of construction firms surveyed reported that their biggest IT challenge was that they lacked the time to implement new systems and to train workers how to use them. Another 24% cited resistance to technology and problems communicating between field and office, while 26% cited connectivity to remote job sites as their toughest IT challenge. So the field continues to show vast opportunities for growth in IT development and use.

Let’s look at just a few ways that an IT staff or consultant can help grow your construction business.

Keep Pace with Construction Business Basics

Most of today’s successful businesses rely on information technology for basic communication, budgeting, project tracking, and billing. And with rapid rise of smartphones and tablets from novel gadgets to indispensable tools, businesses that don’t fully exploit the capabilities of IT solutions risk falling behind their competitors.

In the construction industry, IT has assumed an increasing role in daily functions like:

  • Creating estimates
  • Tracking contract bids
  • Project planning and visualization
  • Purchasing and allocating resources
  • Managing workflow, and
  • Responding to customer requests.

…all of which can give your business a competitive edge.

Reduce Human Error

In the construction industry, delays and do-overs can be budget breakers—placing pressure on contractors to get every job right the first time. One way to move closer to this goal is to reduce the potential for human error. Automated systems and managed workflows can help eliminate potentially costly human error and can serve as a double-check on human estimates.

By working with an IT consultant, you can also make more informed choices about which IT purchases can deliver the greatest benefit to your business, helping your dollar go further.

Beat the Rush

Construction is collaborative work that requires a high level of coordination. Effective and on-time communication is therefore essential to success. Suppliers, planners, engineers, and workers need to be on the same page to get the job done. The need for specialized construction software and mobile access to core applications are poised to bring IT onto the jobsite in a big way. By adopting these tools practices now, you can gain an edge on your competitors.

Plan for Growth In The Construction Industry

Growth is the goal of almost every business owner, and by preparing for tomorrow’s challenges today, you can be ready for the demands future success will bring. For example, say you’re set to expand. You’ll need to onboard new workers, get them set up with email accounts, and get them on payroll.

All these services can be automated and managed using an IT services consultant. And as your business grows, your company’s most sensitive information may be vulnerable to cyberattack or catastrophic data loss.

An IT consultant can help you implement cybersecurity protocols and can help migrate sensitive data to the cloud for safer storage and backup in the event of a breach or catastrophic data loss.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Every industry is bound by certain rules it must follow, and this is certainly true in construction. Keeping track of state and local regulations, along with the safety mandates of OSHA can be daunting without the help of information technology. An experienced IT consultant can walk you through the latest products capable of ensuring full compliance, and helping your business avoid potential fines and delays.

At Iconic Technologies, we specialize in helping businesses like yours meet their creates IT challenges. Whether the challenge is providing increased connectivity between workers, boosting security for sensitive data, or streamlining workflow, our seasoned consultants can help. We understand how important it is to get the job done right the first time, we can help you make informed IT purchases that will grow your company, while avoiding costly errors that could break your budget.

Already have an in-house IT staff? Great! We can help plan your next step, from 24/7/365 monitoring of your network to data loss prevention and data recovery services. Contact Iconic Technologies today, and discover how we can keep you a step ahead.