Managed It And Consulting Services For The Legal Sector

The day-to-day IT demands of your legal practice can be challenging, especially when you’re trying both to serve clients and control costs. The combined responsibilities of network monitoring, safeguarding sensitive data, cloud migration, and catastrophic loss preparedness can stretch your in-house IT staff beyond its limits. To help shoulder these responsibilities, many law firms are partnering with managed IT service providers.  

What can a managed IT service provider do for your practice?

Risk Assessment

Risk plays a role in almost every aspect of corporate life, and minimizing it is one of the primary responsibilities of a managed services provider. A skilled consultant can monitor and assess your IT network to identify potential gaps in cybersecurity, eliminate redundancy, and pinpoint areas where old or outmoded technologies are robbing your practice of efficiency.

Once a consultant has identified trouble areas, they also have the knowledge and skill to suggest the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions, based on the needs of your firm.

Network Monitoring

Your in-house network is your firm’s information lifeline, and any network compromise or failure can cost your firm time, money, and loss of reputation. A managed services provider can monitor your network even when no one is in the office—helping spot and address potential problems before they become major headaches. They can also guide purchasing choices that can bolster network security and improve efficiency.

Cloud Migration

High data management and storage demands have made off-site information storage an attractive option for many businesses, including law firms. Cloud storage not only eases the burden placed on in-house servers, it also provides an invaluable backup in the event of catastrophic data loss. But moving data to the cloud can be time-consuming and draw your in-house IT staff away from core tasks. A skilled managed IT services provider can help you move data - such as spreadsheets, Word and PDF files, client records, and emails—to the cloud for secure storage and easy retrieval.

Safe and Secure Data Management

If your law firm is like most, large amounts of information need to be stored and managed. An experienced IT management consultant can assist with:

  • E-mail transfer: move information securely using the latest encryption protocols.
  • E-discovery: store vital case-related documents in a secure reservoir, where they can be accessed instantly by team members.
  • Document management: store trial presentation applications effectively.
  • Billing and collections operations: track client payments and issue timely reminders for past due accounts.

Cloud-based Backup and Recovery

If your law firm is like most, information is your most valuable asset, and the degree to which you protect it can make or break your firm’s reputation. Before a catastrophic data loss occurs, it’s essential to have a disaster response plan in place.

A managed IT services provider can help you construct a disaster plan based on your firm’s information needs and can train in-house staff in the latest data recovery technologies.

Talent On Call 24/7/365

Accessing the right talent to address a specific challenge can require you to look beyond your in-house IT staff. A managed IT services provider will employ experts who can put their knowledge to work for you immediately, without a learning curve, to help your practice achieve its goals. And by partnering with a consultant, you pay only for the services you need, without the added commitment of onboarding and training new staff. 

Connectivity & Collaboration

Information technology has made it easier than ever for team members working remotely to stay connected. A skilled managed services consultant can help you link staff working independently from a laptops, tablets, and smartphones - while maintaining effective security protocols that protect data during transit.


It seems as if each day brings a new cyber-threat - including viruses, malware, phishing scams, and ransomware - all of which can place sensitive data at risk.  By partnering with a managed IT services consultant, you can assess your network’s vulnerability to cyber-attack, install safeguards to neutralize cyber-threats, develop a backup plan in the event that sensitive data are compromised, and train in-house staff to spot the early signs of a cyber-attack.

At ICONIC Technologies, we specialize in helping firms like yours meet their data management and cybersecurity needs. Our consultants are well versed in the latest technologies and trends, and are eager to share their expertise with you. Contact us today, and discover what ICONIC Technologies can do for you.