Accounting Focused Managed IT Services

Like most businesses today, accounting firms rely on information technology for their daily operations. On any given day, your in-house IT staff may be tasked with monitoring your network, guarding against cybercrime, maintaining regulatory compliance, migrating data to the cloud, or responding to data loss. Answering all these challenges successfully demands a broad skill set and the ability to respond immediately to a crisis. For this reason, increasing numbers of small to medium-sized accounting firms are turning to a managed IT services model. 

Here are just a few ways that a skilled IT consultant can help keep your accounting or CPA firm operating at peak efficiency.

Keep Pace with Rapid Advances in Accounting Technology

Technology is advancing and changing more quickly than most in-house IT departments to keep pace. The constant stream of new software and new systems, combined with the increased demand for speed, cybersecurity, and integration have made managed IT services and IT consultants a permanent fixture of the accounting landscape. No, that doesn’t mean that in-house IT departments are obsolete, but an increasing number of accounting firms are discovering the value in the managed IT services model for services like network monitoring, cybersecurity, and system integration, while reserving their in-house teams for the daily troubleshooting duties needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Access Special Skills on Demand

Today’s accounting IT pro needs a diverse toolkit. Maintaining your network, protecting your company from cybercrime, transitioning to new systems and software, and training your staff to use them are each demanding tasks that require a specific set of skills. For small and medium-sized accounting firms, acquiring such diverse talent and keeping that kind of talent on payroll can quickly become expensive.

An established managed IT services and consulting firm lets you access that talent and expertise on demand and you pay just for the services you need. Say you ‘re upgrading your system or migrating large amounts of data to the cloud. A skilled managed IT services consultant can handle the transition and even help train your people to become proficient in the new technology, while leaving your in-house team free to tackle the day-to-day duties that keep your business on point.

Discover the Benefits of 24/7 Network Monitoring For Your Accounting Firm

For small to medium-sized accounting firms, tackling a network crash, security breach, or data loss can be catastrophic—both in lost time and recovery costs. By working with a managed IT services and cybersecurity consultant, you’ll know someone’s watching over the health of your network and your data, even when you can’t. Continual monitoring delivers more than peace of mind—it reduces downtimes, identifies ways to improve network efficiency and security, and helps you respond quickly to any potential data loss.

Relieve the Headache of Compliance Issues

These days it seems as if there are volumes of rules and regulations governing just about everything your business does. Ensuring full compliance and staying current with regulatory changes can quickly turn into a time vortex that takes your in-house IT team away from their primary function keeping your business running at peak efficiency.

A managed IT services consultant can take on these compliance challenges and free your team to handle the daily needs of your business.

Be Prepared for “The Big One”

A catastrophic data loss event can cripple your business and cost you time, money, and customers. A skilled IT consultant can help you prepare a disaster plan that protects your network and safeguards your most sensitive data. In the event of a loss or breach, a managed IT consultant can implement data recovery protocols that get you back on track quickly.

Managed IT Services That Allow Your Accounting Firm to Stay on Budget

IT issues can quickly overwhelm not only your in-house team’s skill set, but your budget as well. When you work with an experienced IT consultant, you’ll know up front what services you’re buying and what they’ll cost.

And a consultant can also help you make more informed IT purchasing decisions based both on the needs of your company and on trends in the accounting industry to assure that you stay within budget without on boarding or new staff or sacrificing performance.

At Iconic Technologies, we understand how important your business is to you. That’s why we offer affordable IT expertise on demand. Whether you’re migrating your data to the cloud, addressing cybersecurity threats, managing IT purchases, or just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network is being monitored 24/7/365, partnering with an experienced IT consultant can help.

Contact us today, and discover the Iconic Technologies solution.