Why Engineering Firms Need Managed IT Services

Engineering firms rely on a robust flow of data—from blueprints and schematics to real estate development information, contracts, and day-to-day communications between staff and clients. If you’re in the industry, you already knowhow quickly data storage and security needs test the abilities of your IT infrastructure to keep pace. And meeting these ongoing information demands in a high-precision, deadline-focused environment can stretch even the most skilled in-house IT department to its limits.

For these reasons, many engineering companies are turning to managed IT and consulting businesses to help them meet the demands of their workflow, communications, and cybersecurity needs.

Let’s look at a few ways an experienced managed IT and consulting company can help lighten the load.

24/7 Network Management & Monitoring

Who’s watching your network when your IT staff is out of the office? That question can generate a lot of stress for business owners and managers, unless you have a managed IT provider skilled in maintaining the functionality and integrity of your network.

It’s no secret that delays and network downtime can quickly drain revenue from your business and can divert personnel from other mission-critical tasks. By partnering with a managed IT service provider, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your network is monitored 24/7/365 and that any minor problems that arise will be addressed before they become expensive headaches.

Managed IT Services That Offer Cybersecurity To Engineering firms

In any competitive business, cybersecurity is of vital importance. Data breaches can result in the unwanted sharing of sensitive information, including data on current projects, bids, employees’ personal records. By partnering with an experienced IT consultant, you’ll be able to make more informed choices about your cybersecurity purchases, ensuring that you buy only the products that meet your company’s specific needs—without breaking your budget!


Migrating files to the cloud can both relieve the stress on on-site servers as well as provide an added level of security in the event of a data loss or breach.

And storing data in the cloud not only makes your company’s sensitive information more secure, it provides your workers with the ability to access and retrieve the data they need to work collaboratively on team projects—even when they’re offsite.


Every business is subject to the rules and regulations of its industry. By staying current and compliant, you can save the time, fines, and the headache of do-overs. An IT consultant can act as a second set of eyes, ensuring that you meet vital regulatory requirements for every project.


A busy engineering firm is capable of handling many projects and tasks simultaneously. That kind of coordination demands an elite level of connectivity, allowing field and office workers to stay looped-in on each phase of a project. Connectivity is especially important to firms where some employees work remotely or from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

A skilled managed IT consultant can help enhance that connectivity so vital personnel are never out of touch. A consultant can also help set up secure email communication to ensure that sensitive data remain protected.


Catastrophic data loss is the doomsday scenario of every information-dependent business. Having a disaster plan in place is an important first step, but how will you recover lost data in the event of a breach or system failure? A top-tier managed IT services provider can walk you through the entire process, from data loss prevention software purchases to cloud storage and rapid recovery of lost, corrupted, or damaged files.


Every business owner wants to see their company grow and expand. But with growth come the additional demands of information management and security.

An IT consultant can help you prepare for your firm’s next big leap forward—from systems planning and purchasing, to installation, troubleshooting, and training of employees.

At Iconic Technologies, we specialize in helping companies like yours maintain the integrity of their networks, migrate vital data to the cloud, boost connectivity between workers, and ensure that private data stay private—all of which frees your in-house IT staff to focus on the work of keeping your business running. Contact us today, and discover what Iconic Technologies can do for you.