Why and How Financial Firms Depend on Managed IT Services To Streamline Processes

Information technology plays a large and vital role in the finance industry - assisting with everything from transaction tracking and data storage to communication and regulatory compliance. Each day financial institutions exchange information with each other, with government agencies, and with customers. For any single institution, managing the demands of large-scale data movement, storage, and security can be daunting. To relieve this burden and to increase both efficiency and security, many in the field are choosing to partner with an experienced managed IT provider or IT consultant.

Here are just a few areas where a managed IT provider or IT consultant can help your financial services business succeed.

Business Continuity for the 24/7 Financial Marketplace

Anyone who works in the global finance community knows that securities trading and other transactions don’t stop when the business day ends. That means a large number of transactions must occur reliably even when no eyes are watching - such as at night, on weekends, and during holidays. 

By partnering with a managed IT service provider, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your servers are monitored around the clock to ensure peak performance. And if a problem does arise, you can be confident that it will be detected and addressed before it results in costly delays or errors.

Managed IT Makes Cloud Migration Easy

The cloud has offered businesses with large information storage needs to move data from local servers to cloud storage. Housing large amounts of data in the cloud not only relieves the burden on local servers, it removes the risk for data loss due to server failure, offers easy and immediate data retrieval, and provides an extra layer of security to safeguard sensitive information. But migrating large volumes of data to the cloud can be challenging, and can draw in-house IT staff away from essential day-to-day tasks. A managed IT provider or consultant can handle your data migration needs without taking your staff away from their most important duty - keeping your business ahead of the competition.


Cybercrime is on the rise, and as cybercriminals hone their skills, your sensitive data are at risk for being compromised or stolen. An astute IT consultant can help you analyze your company’s cybersecurity needs, can identify potential vulnerabilities, and can help you make more informed choices when seeking to purchase cybersecurity software.


These days, a company’s workers may not all be onsite. When key staff are scattered around the globe, you’ll need to rely on a dependable method to stay connected by phone, tablet, or laptop.

A managed IT service provider can help establish email accounts for your workers, set up cybersecurity protocols to protect sensitive data while in transit, and ensure that your network is operating at its peak 24/7/365.

Regulatory Compliance Is Simplified For Financial Companies Who Have IT Help

The financial industry is subject to regulation by several bodies, including the FDIC, NCUA, and FFIEC. Failure to meet regulatory requirements can result in costly fines and fees. An experienced IT consultant can help you ensure that your business remains fully compliant with all regulatory requirements - and can keep you abreast of any rule changes that could affect your business.

Access to Expertise

There’s no substitute for experience and knowledge. When a new challenge arises, you may find yourself in need of an IT pro with a very specific skill set. By partnering with an IT consultant, tapping into that wellspring of knowledge is as easy as picking up the phone. A seasoned IT consultant can help you avoid potentially costly rookie mistakes, guide technology purchases, oversee system integration, and make the most of the IT resources you already have.

At Iconic Technologies, we specialize in helping companies like yours maintain the integrity of their networks, migrate vital data to the cloud, boost connectivity between workers, and ensure that private data stay private - all of which frees your in-house IT staff to focus on the work of making your business the best it can be. Contact us today, and discover what Iconic Technologies can do for you.