Is IT Consulting Cost Effective?

Persistent IT problems can negatively impact your company’s performance, reputation, and even your bottom line. And while your in-house team can handle most of the day-to-day challenges of meeting your business’s IT needs, large-scale or persistent IT issues can distract your team from mission critical tasks. 

So at what point does it become more cost-effective for your business to engage an IT professional? And how cost-effective are today’s IT troubleshooters at reducing the cost of inefficiency?

To help answer these questions, let’s look at a few possible scenarios where a skilled IT consultant can help improve your bottom line.

​Talent on Demand

Some nagging IT problems demand a particularly specialized skill set. If one or more of your team members possesses the skills required, you’re covered. But if not, you could be left with a situation where multiple in-house workers must divert their attention from other important tasks to address a specific IT issue.  

This can eat up time and cause delays as other tasks wait in the queue. Working with an IT consultant can deliver the expertise you need without diverting your team members from mission critical functions. And you only pay the consultant for the services provided - with no need to onboard or train new workers. 

Training & Implementation

Major upgrades to your IT network or software can leave your in-house team facing a steep learning curve before they become fluent in the new systems. An experienced IT consultant can go beyond installation and implementation to train your team members in best practices for engaging with the new system. Even a brief training program can help workers familiarize themselves with the new system, speeding fluency and maximizing efficiency.

Increasing Security

Today’s cybercriminals are becoming more skilled and the attacks more brazen and costly. Phishing scams, malware, ransomware, and data breaches cost U.S. businesses millions annually. And while you may believe you have addressed every potential cybersecurity threat, new ones are emerging every day.

A professional IT consultant can give your business a cybersecurity audit, revealing potential vulnerabilities and suggesting appropriate solutions. The cost of closing these risk portals now, before a cyber attack, is far less than the cost of repairing the damage incurred by a large-scale data breach.

Staying Competitive

In today’s diverse and highly competitive business environment, success and failure are often separated by seconds. If your in-house network is laggy or prone to interruptions or breakdowns, it’s probably costing your business money. An IT consultant can suggest targeted hardware and software purchases that can help bring your system up to date and maximize performance, so you’ll stay ahead of your competitors.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

Working on the same problem for a prolonged period can sometimes make the solution harder to see. One faulty premise or assumption can prevent you from seeing a workable fix. A consultant can bring a new perspective to the situation, with tactics and technologies that may be unfamiliar to your team, or with new products or applications that can address your problem without the need for large or costly purchases. A consultant can also help streamline installation and implementation, while training your in-house team to use the upgraded system.

At Iconic Technologies, we understand how important your business is to you. Our team of skilled IT consultants has built their expertise and reputation helping businesses like yours solve the IT problems that can drain away efficiency and cash. From 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance to cybersecurity and employee training, we offer our clients top expertise at affordable rates. Contact us today and discover what Iconic Technologies can do for you.

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