How to Prepare IT Systems for a Smooth ‘Return to Office’​

As companies of all kinds begin the gradual reopening process, IT must make changes to ensure that the return to the office goes as planned. Just like with the transition to remote work at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a rushed return process could cause all sorts of problems. In this article, you’ll learn about a variety of important preparations for the return to the office.

Make a Plan

When employees first had to transition to remote work, the scramble to get out of the office meant that many companies did not have a well-established plan. This time around, however, IT leaders have plenty of time to prepare. Companies will need to determine which parts of IT infrastructure have changed while working from home. It’s a good idea to remember new employees and employees terminated during the lockdown as part of this plan.

Update Backup and Disaster Recovery Processes

For many companies, data backup and restoration processes changed when employees began working remotely. These processes will need to be changed back again to take into account changes made during the lockdown.

Verify Identity and Access Management Users and Roles

The return to the office is a great time to make sure that every user in every system has the appropriate access level. Contractors, support staff, and temporary employees may have the wrong permissions, resulting in potential security breaches.

Prepare Hardware

When employees began working remotely, they may have taken home computer peripherals and other IT assets. Companies should verify that all devices taken home are returned to the company. Additionally, organizations must make sure that all employees, including new hires, have desk setups with the appropriate hardware.

Remember Physical Security

Key cards and other physical security equipment may have been forgotten during the work-from-home period. Now that employees are returning to the office, companies must verify that users (including new employees and those terminated since working from home) can enter the correct buildings and secure areas.

Communicate Plans and Reminders

Businesses should make sure to adequately communicate important IT-related reopening protocols, security concerns, and system changes to employees during the potentially hectic return to the office. Remind employees to save files to the company network so that nothing is lost. Additionally, brief everyone on new and evolving cybersecurity threats, such as phishing attacks.

Leave No Device Unmanaged

When people both work and live in their homes, personal devices may end up performing work-related duties. To ensure data security and prevent future IT issues, companies should require that all devices with access to company data are managed with a corporate configuration profile.

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