How Cloud Storage Promotes Scalability

It’s no secret that cloud technology has altered the fundamental landscape of IT infrastructure. It has provided both companies with access to virtually limitless storage space, has expanded data backup and retrieval capability, has improved recovery after data loss, and has allowed smaller companies to respond effectively to the challenges posed by rapid growth.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re already looking toward the future and your company’s place in it. Cloud technology offers some distinct advantages to the startup or small business poised for growth.

​More Storage Space

Though the cloud offers far more than data storage, it is this feature that continues to attract small and medium-sized businesses. The cloud’s virtually limitless data storage capacity allows you to safeguard sensitive information and host vital applications offsite, taking the burden off your in-house servers and providing a secure home for personal data, financial transaction data, and more.

For a growing company, the cloud presents an open horizon in terms of storage, letting you abandon that patchwork of hard drives that got you through your first year. And perhaps best of all, cloud storage means that your company needn’t incur the expense of major IT infrastructure acquisitions (like new servers) every time your business expands. What ever your data storage needs, today or in the future, the cloud can handle them.

Greater Power

Another advantage of cloud technology is that it allows small businesses access to powerful processing resources such as software development or analytics tools. Infrastructure limitations once hobbled rapid growth because expensive capital purchases, system integration issues, and troubleshooting consumed time and resources. The power of the cloud removes these limitations and allows smaller businesses the same agility enjoyed by their larger competitors. 

And unlike expensive hard capital purchases, the cloud never becomes outdated or obsolete, never fails to meet compatibility requirements with other technologies, and allows you to power up when you need to—whether during seasonal traffic spikes or over the long term as your business grows.

Increased Flexibility

To remain ahead of the competition, your business must be agile enough to respond to rapid changes in market dynamics. If a sudden shift in customer demand catches your company by surprise, the result could be empty warehouses, backlogged orders, and lost customers.

The cloud allows you the versatility to answer changes in marketplace dynamics with confidence. Cloud technology makes it possible to reconfigure your IT infrastructure and reshape workflows in response to market forces—without committing yourself to costly equipment or assets that may lose value tomorrow.  

Better Time Management

Managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting your company’s IT infrastructure can consume your in-house IT team’s focus and attention. That means less time to work on the mission-critical task of making your business the best it can be. Cloud technology takes the often-burdensome responsibility of troubleshooting network problems off your hands, allowing you to focus on innovation.

The Bottom Line

As a business owner, you’re always conscious of the effect any expense will have on your business. When considering a new capital purchase, you have to ask: What kind of return on investment will it deliver, and how soon will it pay for itself? Because cloud technology lets you scale up (or down) based on the daily demands of your business, it removes the risk of purchasing potentially costly assets today that may be obsolete tomorrow. And with cloud storage, you won’t need to worry about recouping the cash outlays of capital purchases.

The Rise of Managed Data Centers

The scalable nature of cloud computing has allowed many organizations to rely on managed data centers, maintained by experts who understand how to maintain and scale shared, private, and hybrid clouds. Cloud technology also allows resources to be allocated easily in a monitored environment where overloading is not a problem.

At Iconic Technologies, we understand the needs of today’s growing businesses. Our skilled IT consultants are eager to share our advanced computing solutions with your team. We can assist in migration of data to the cloud, creation of a backup and recovery plan in the event of data loss, and reinforcement of your network’s cybersecurity protocols. Contact us today and discover what Iconic Technologies can do for you!    

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